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Open booking for all
returning students
Checkout for no graduating students

Checkout for graduating students

Check-ins 1pm-5pm


Assigned HaleOn-Call Phone # (if there is no RA in the office)
Hale 1(808)781-8428
Hale 2(808)779-6826
Hale 4(808)230-1390
Hale 6(808)489-7150
Hale 7(808)782-8085
Hale 8(808)364-7521
Hale 9(808)364-7536
Hale 10(808)364-7623


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BYU-Hawaii Housing offers several living options to assist students and eligible faculty/staff with their housing needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by telephone (808) 675-3534 (weekdays from 8am - 5pm HST), by e-mail at or by visiting our office which is located near the Campus Stake Center.