Eligibility for TVA

Temple View Apartments (TVA) are available to married students and single student parents with dependent children under the age of 18. Single parents must have legal custody of their child/children to be eligible for residence in TVA. Parents, brothers, sisters, and other relatives or guests of the tenants are not permitted to live in TVA with the family.

Eligibility to remain in TVA depends on both the academic performance and on the student's total credits/semesters. In order to qualify for and maintain residency in TVA, a student must complete a total of 36 credit hours per academic year. The 36 credit hours should include a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Exceptions may be requested based on a university approved internship and other approved absences or reduced course loads.

The total number of semesters that a student can live in TVA is nine (9) semesters. TVA housing will not be available to advanced standing students or graduates. If the primary tenant graduates, the apartment can be transferred to the spouse if he/she is a full-time student. The family will be allowed to remain in TVA for no longer than 3 additional semesters. This transfer of the primary tenant is permitted only once.