New Student Packing/Shopping List

Homes are typically much smaller in Hawaii, so please be aware that your room on-campus and off-campus can only reasonably accommodate about 2 suitcases worth of personal items during your stay here at BYU-Hawaii. During New Student Orientation a bus will take new incoming students on a circle island tour that will stop by a Walmart, where students can make purchases if needed.

***Packages CANNOT be mailed before you arrive on-campus. Please do not send anything before you arrive.*** After checking into the dorms, students will be able to go to the Mail Center to sign up for their mail box.

Suggested Items to Bring or Purchase

Clothing and footwear
• 14 changes of everyday clothing
• 2-3 changes of Sunday clothing
• 2-3 changes of exercise clothing
• Light sweater or jacket
• Pajamas
• Underclothing
• 2 bath towels
• 2 hand towels
• Beach towel
• Swim wear
• 2 laundry bags
• 2 church shoes
• 1 pair of athletic shoes
• 2 flip flops or sandals

• Tooth brush
• Tooth paste
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Brush or comb
• Razor
• Shaving cream
• Hair clippers for men
• Sanitary items for women
• Hand soap
• Toilet paper
• Laundry soap
• Prescription medicine
• Prescription refill information
• Over the counter pain medicine
• Insect repellant

• 2 Fitted sheets
• 2 Flat sheets
• Pillow
• 2 pillow cases
• Light Blanket

Kitchen Supplies (apartment style dorms)
Some units share kitchen items, some do not. It’s a good idea to wait till you arrive before purchasing any items, as it may already be available in your apartment, or can be picked up for free at our “Give and Take.” We advise that if you have any special kitchen items that are important you and your life style, that you bring it with you or purchase it when you arrive.

• 1 large and 1 small pot
• 1 large and 1 small pan
• Dishes – plate, bowl
• Cups
• Utensils
• Small 3 cup rice cooker
• Toaster

School Supplies and Electronics
• Backpack
• Pens
• Pencils
• Erasers
• Highlighters
• Notebooks
• Notebook paper
• Folders
• Binder
• Photos of family and friends
• Push pins for bulletin board
• Cell phone and charger
• Laptop and charger
• External hard drive or flash drives
• Surge protector
• Small desk or floor fan. Preferably plastic as metal rusts in Hawaii

Important Documents
• 2 forms of identification such as a passport or driver’s license
• Social security card, Birth certificate for employment purposes
• Debit/Credit Card or Prepaid VISA/Master card to do your laundry. Prepaid cards can be purchased when you arrive at Foodland or Longs.
• Emergency contact list
• Enrollment documents
• Financial aid documents
• Health/dental records and insurance cards
• Renter’s insurance documents, if purchased