New Incoming Students

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Because Hawaii is a small tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, options for housing is limited. Priority for on-campus housing is given to freshman students. 

 All On-campus housing is booked through the Housing Portal. Once you are admitted you will be able to log in.

New Students – Single First Year and Freshmen Students

New Students – Single Transfer & Returning Students

Married/Single Parent Students


Single Student Freshman and Transfer Housing Policy

Freshman and 1st-year students:
Single students who are admitted as Freshman or 1st-year students are required to live on campus for 3 Semesters in freshman style housing.
If you have completed credits before graduating from high school you are considered a 1st-year student and are required to live on campus for 3 semesters in freshman style housing.

Transfer and Returning Students:
If you are a single student admitted with credits completed after high school graduation, you are considered a transfer or returning student.
If you have completed:

  • Completed between 1-12 credits* after high school graduation you are required to live on campus for 2 semesters
  • Completed between 12.1 and 24 credits* after high school graduation, you are required to live on campus for 1 semester
  • Returning or Transfer students with more than 24 credits completed after high school graduation are eligible for off campus or on campus upper classmen housing. On campus, upper classmen housing is based on availability.

*Credits must be completed and posted to your BYU-Hawaii account by the RSVP deadline for the Semester attending
* Completed credits are credits that have been earned, credits that are in progress may not count if they are not completed by the RSVP deadline.

***This policy only pertains to single students without dependents under the age of 25

Wondering about your options- check your eligibility on the Housing Portal