Faculty Housing Overview

The Brigham Young University- Hawaii Housing policy is to provide housing that will contribute to a comfortable standard of living and a wholesome family environment for eligible occupants. The University currently owns 86 single and multi family dwellings set aside as University Housing. Additional homes are leased with home owners in the surrounding communities, as needed. All homes are furnished with a refrigerator and an electric or gas range. the majority of the homes are equipped with built-in dishwashers in which case extra rental charges are assessed.

The following are a few general faculty housing policies. All house assignments and policy appeals are handled by the housing office. Please contact the housing office for any questions at (808)675-3534 or email us at For other faculty housing policies please see the University Housing Faculty/Administrative Staff Housing Handbook.

Maintenance of Homes and Yards

  • The Housing Office and tenants should cooperate to maintain the value and function of homes. Housing encourages tenants to perform minor maintenance whenever possible. Tenants are responsible to replace light bulbs, broken glass louvers, toilet seats and repair torn window and door screens.
  • The tenants are responsible to maintain the yard regularly in a favorable and pleasing manner. This includes mowing, weeding and watering the lawn; trimming trees, bushes and hedges (especially those that threaten the structure of the home); and disposing of cuttings, branches and rubbish properly and in a timely manner. The Housing Office reserves the right to clean yards that are left unkept and bill the tenant.
  • The housing office arranges for the tall coconut trees to be trimmed semi-annually by professional tree trimmers. The tenants should consult with the Housing Office before planting trees of any kind. The Housing Office reserves the right to trim or remove large trees that are a safety concern to the property and tenant or as needed.

Work Orders

  • Tenants may submit work orders by phone or in person to the Housing Office. Work orders will be done on a priority basis. Emergency work orders (plumbing or electrical) will be handled immediately. Other repairs will be done as quickly as possible.
  • Tenants are also responsible for repairing or replacing all items in the home damaged due to abuse or neglect on their part. The tenants will be charged $25 per incident involving a toilet, tub or shower clog due to foreign objects blocking the line. The tenants will be charged the cost of materials and labor to repair to replace damaged walls, doors, windows, fixtures, flooring and appliances.

Standardization Guidelines

  • The carpet, floor tile, counter tops and interior paint choices will be standardized in all University homes. Choices will be specific neutral colors that can accommodate any interior decorating color scheme preference.
  • The Housing Office is not on call to repair or replace items broken through neglect or abuse, but may assist in repairing damages caused by the tenants. The Housing Office can prepare an estimate for the repair or make referrals. Should tenants not repair damage, the Housing Office has the right to make the repair and bill the tenant. In case of an emergency, the Housing Office will determine charges after completing repairs.

Pets in University-Owned Homes

Dogs, cats and other non-caged animals are strongly discouraged from being kept inside the house. However, if the tenant elects to have pets, they are responsible for all damages, repairs and/or replacement costs to the home and/or property caused by their animals.

Pets in Non-University Homes

Tenants are not allowed to have animals of any kind, caged or otherwise, in a non-university owned home, Unless prior written approval is given by the legal home owner. If permission is granted, the tenant agrees to pay all repair and or replacement damages caused by the animal and will arrange for all other special arrangements(professional fumigation, carpet cleaning etc.)