Residence Halls FAQ

Do I Have to fill out a housing application?

No. When you filled out your application for admittance to the university there was a portion where you indicated what type of housing you desired. As soon as you are admitted to the University, the housing office is notified through our campus computer program. After you pay the $50 non-refundable processing fee, you will receive the necessary housing information about a month before the deadline (see left). If you have questions or concerns about single on-campus housing (the dorms), please e-mail

How much is housing?

To find the cost of housing and the meal plans combined, click here

How much is the non-refundable housing processing fee and what is it for?

The non-refundable housing processing fee for on-campus single dorms is $50. In order for a student to be admitted to the residence halls, the housing processing fee must be paid first. Students will not be able to pay this fee until they have been accepted to BYUH.

Can I pay the $50 non-refundable processing fee on-line?

This is done by calling the cashiers office at (808)675-3724 or clicking one of the following forms for your student type: Domestic (USA) or International.

How do I get the roommate I want?

Self-Assign is used to select a roommate. At the beginning of certain semesters, there is a room transfer period where residents may request the option to switch rooms.

How do I request a room change?

All room changes must take place during the room allocation period. If there is a room transfer period, it will be at the beginning of Fall and Winter Semesters. In order to request a change please talk to your Hale coordinator during the room allocation period. There are NO room changes for Summer.

How do I get on a waitlist for a specific dorm or a single room?

Students with at least 55 completed credits can request to be on the single room or the apartment-style Hale waitlists on our housing website. Click here and look at "Online Request Forms" on the left for the form you need to complete for the appropriate waitlist.

Can I have an air conditioner in my dorm room?

Air conditioners are not permitted in dorm rooms, however, you can purchase and use an oscillating fan.

I haven't heard from housing yet. What should I do?

  • Housing sends out regular announcements to your BYUH E-mail account. To ensure that you are up to date, please make sure that you have set up your BYUH e-mail. BYUH policy is that general communications from housing should go through your BYUH e-mail. Any questions or concerns regarding BYUH e-mail(including how to forward e-mails to a preferred e-mail) can be handled by e-mailing the Office of Information Technology
  • or calling the help center at (808)675-3211
  • If you are waiting for a contract after paying the application fee, please be aware that contracts will be completed online. We will e-mail the link to the appropriate contract to you about 1 month before the deadline. The e-mail we will use is your BYUH E-mail
  • If you have a specific question or concern please contact the housing office.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the dorms (hales)?

You can send an e-mail to You can also call the Housing Office at (808)675-3534.

How do I get from the airport to BYU-Hawaii?

BYU-Hawaii is Located in Laie which is 45-60 minutes away from the Honolulu International Airport. For directions to BYU-Hawaii pleave Visit There also is a shuttle that runs from the Airport to BYUH that is available on a reservation basis. For more information on the shuttle click here

Do I have to be on the meal plan if I live on campus?

All residents of Hales 2-9 are required to have a meal plan. Meal Plans can be viewed on the Food Service Website. Students with 60 credits may apply for the Club Card and room Plan. The first day of class is the last day to downgrade a meal plan. You can always upgrade your plan.

Are the kitchens in the residence halls available for regular use?

The Hale Kitchens are open for students use. Students must bring their own ingredients, cooking equipment, cleaning supplies, plates/bowls and utensils. Kitchens use is only allowed during kitchen hours and must be cleaned after each use. Please contact your hale for specific kitchen times.

Can I have a Mini-fridge in my dorm room?

Mini-fridges are permitted in dorm rooms with exceptions. Roommates are required to share 1 minifridge. Mini-fridges are to be kept clean and be energy efficient.

Can I have a microwave or other cooking appliances in my dorm room?

Microwaves and other cooking appliances(rice cookers, toasters, blenders) are not allowed inside of the dorm rooms. Basic cooking appliances(stove, microwave, etc.) are provided in Kitchens and cooking areas.

Are the twin beds in the resident halls long or regular?


What should I do about bedding?

  • Bedding is not provided for residents, however bedding can be purchased at BYUH when checking in. The prices are as follows:(All residents must have all of these items, or something similar in their personal bedding or they will be require to purchase them.)
  • Twin size mattress cover-$8.00
  • Twin-size fitted sheet-$7.50
  • Twin-size flat sheet-$7.50
  • 2 pillow cases-$5.00
  • Standard pillow-$7.00
  • Light Blanket-$15.00

Can I send some of my luggage before I come to BYU-Hawaii?

  • BYU-Hawaii does allow students to send a reasonable amount of luggage before coming to BYUH. For new students wanting to mail packages to BYU-Hawaii before arrival, use the following format:
  • (Your full name)(New student)
  • BYU-Hawaii General Delivery
  • 55-220 Kulanui Street
  • Laie, HI 96762

When will I receive housing information?

On the general application for admission, there is a place where students can indicate what type of housing they would like when they come to BYU-Hawaii,(e.g.: off-campus, on-campus,live at home). As soon as a student is accepted to the university, the Admissions Office notifies the housing office through the campus computer program. Students will receive a letter from the housing office. Housing information is most often sent around 2-3 months before the semester begins. The most important thing to do is be sure and pay the $50 non-refundable processing fee as soon as you're admitted.

I don't know my ID number. How can i find it?

The BYU-Hawaii Housing Office requires their University ID number for ANY type of question/processing, including Self Assign. This is a 7-digit number. Students who do not have or cannot remember their ID number can access their ID number via Here is the way to find your ID number.
1.Go to
2.Log in using your CES net ID and password
3.Click on Student tab(top tab)
4.Click on Student Center(center content)
5.Scroll down to Personal Information(center content)
6.Click on Demographic data located under personal information(center content)
**the id number is labeled as "ID" and is the first item on the page. An alternative to this is to find a letter from BYU-Hawaii that is addressed to the student and you can find the ID number on the letter. The Housing office does not give out ANY id numbers.**

Is there parking available at the Hales?

All students who wish to park their car on ANY on campus parking spots (including the Hales and TVA), must have a parking permit. To obtain a parking permit, contact BYU-H Security. There are limited spaces near the tennis courts between Hales 3 & 5 and Hales 4 &6