On-Campus Overview

The residence hall facilities are designed to maximize social interaction between students in an environment which is conducive to high academic achievement. Room and board services are provided in six residence halls. Separate dorms are designated for men and women. Each residence hall is designed as a two story structure built in a large rectangular format with an inner courtyard.

The residence halls are a center for campus activities with lounges provided for students to watch their favorite television shows, do class work on a computer, study for an exam, prepare refreshments for a special activity, play the piano, or just talk.

Most rooms in each residence hall are double occupancy; furnished with draperies, single beds, desks, chairs, closets,  wastebaskets, and sets of drawers. We do have a limited number of single rooms. Students must have completed 55 credits to apply for a single room.

Free internet access is provided in each room. Bathroom facilities are designed for single boarding students with a busy college schedule, and individuals in adjoining rooms share central bathroom facilities. There are no ceiling fans or air-conditioning in the residence halls. Students may wish to bring a small electric fan, or purchase one on arrival, to aid ventilation.