Freshmen Hale Tours

Freshmen are typically assigned spots in dorm-style housing and are required to have a meal plan.


Hale 2



Hale 2 is a cafeteria style, double occupancy dorm facility. There are centrally located card-operated laundry facilities in this hale for the convenience of the residents. Hale 2 boasts a large lounge with a television, computer facilities, and piano for those who wish to practice and play the piano.



Hales 7, 8 & 9

Room info



  • Room layout: There are 4 residents in each room who share one bathroom. The bathroom separates either side of the room.
  • Bathroom: Each bathroom has one shower, one toilet, two sinks, and 8 towel racks. 

Each year during the Summer, these Hales close down for Summer Camps.